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Personal Injury Lawyer for ICBC injury and motor vehicle accident claims including pedestrian, bicycle, whiplash, brain injury and soft tissue injury claims. We have over 30 years of experience as Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers.

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Brahm Martz

Brahm Martz has represented many clients who have been injured in car accidents. Most of these cases have involved ICBC who insures most vehicles in BC.

Some of Brahm Martz's clients have been injured because of unsafe conditions created by owners of property. Owners of property are required by law to maintain their properties so that they are "reasonably safe". Broken stairs or poorly lit stairways are examples of conditions that have been found not to be "reasonably safe". Property owners and their insurance companies will often tell injured people that the owners are not responsible for their injuries. This is often not true. We can tell you if your claim against a property owner is worth pursuing. 

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